Community Giveback Program – Now Open!

Applications open from 1/4/2024 to 29/4/2024

At ISPT shopping centres, we believe in showing care to the communities that live and work around our centres. Filled with the desire to create ‘Places with Meaning’, our Community Giveback Program offers support for community groups responding to the needs of their communities. It provides funding for activities that promote better social inclusion, wellbeing and community participation. 

Lilydale Village welcomes applications for activities that seek to build social connections. Activities may include those which connect people to the services they need, in the form of delivering group activities online and offline.   

Applicants are eligible to apply for A $500 digital gift card using the application available on the website


Recipient organisations must be a not for profit organisation, a registered charity or an incorporated not for profit organisation.

Funding may be used to support the delivery of these services as follows. 

  • Purchase of food or products 
  • Host a social networking event that supports improved physical and mental health through social interaction 

Key dates and timeline 

The Community Giveback Program runs on a quarterly basis. Applications are assessed quickly, with a turnaround time of three days. Approximate times are detailed below. 

  • Rounds open – 3/1/2024, 1/4/2024, 1/7/2024, and 1/10/2024 (AEDST)
  • Rounds close – 31/1/2024, 29/4/2024, 29/7/2024 and 29/10/2024 (AEDST)
  • Notification – three calendar days after each round closing 

Before applying for a Community Giveback Program you must read the Terms and Conditions. Once you have read the program guidelines, submit an application using our online application form. 

Lilydale Village is owned by ISPT, who invests in property on behalf of 50%+ of working Australians. 

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